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PgMP Certified - Put the Application in order

The PgMP Application - My experience 

Unlike PMP, PgMP application can be a little daunting (little will be misleading, it is VERY DAUNTING). I was surprised by the amount of detail that is required to complete this application and the exam fee of USD 800 doesn't elevate this experience either.

 I started filling the application on 23 June 2016 and yes I stopped, once I realized how much time, effort and detail was required to complete the application. I later felt it was the right decision to break up this task into two components, just like managing any program.

My advice - please keep aside atlest 6 - 8 hours for filling up this application and be patient. 

There are 3 components to the application

1.      Personal Details:
·       Here you provide details such as name, address, education qualifications etc. Guess what, not trying to scare you away, the easy part is over.

2.      Project Management Experience: 
·       If you are PMP Certified, please use the same experience from your PMP application. (You can download the copy of your PMP application PDF from your account – My Info – My Certification Info – Left Pane – My PMP)
·       We need to show 48 months, so I added 3 projects here with references as required.

3.      Program Management Experience:
This is where most of my time while filling up the application was spent. This was more time consuming than I thought. Below are some steps that I took in filling up the application.
  • I showed 2 large programs that I managed with a 500 word description. If I thought this was enough, there was much more information that I needed to provide later. This application was a discovery. A never ending process, at least that what it felt like when I was filling it up. Don’t Give up Guys just right here!!
  • The two programs that I showed were consecutive to each other and consecutive to the project management experience period. This is the method that I adopted however I don’t see any reason why you can not take any order (I guess order based on your experience will just fit well).
  • Under both programs, I had managed over 10 projects, but I showed 3 projects and one sub program each under them and most of the projects and sub programs were concurrent.
  • For each project listed under the program, PMI wants you to provide the name of the project manager that managed it, along with their emails and phone number for reference purposes. So I picked up the phone and called all of them to be ready to provide any reference that may be required.
  • It was at this time when I thought I was done and then came the most challenging part of the application. I had to describe in 500 words each my work as program manager in five performance domains of PgMP. It took me over 2 hours to finish just this section.
If you have gone through the PMP exam, I guess you would know that you are evaluated on 5 domain areas of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling and finally Closing.
The 5 performance domains for PgMP are Program Strategy Alignment, Program Benefits Management, Program Stakeholder Engagement, Program Governance and finally Program Life Cycle Management.

Finally I was at the submit button, I was so late for a critical meeting but I was done. This application was one to the longest (18 pages in PDF) that I have ever filled. In the end there was a positive side to it, it gave me a refresh into my work experience.
A suggestion – Read the first 2 pages of SPM (Standard of Program Management) at a minimum before you attempt this beast of an application. I did not but I guess I have executed many programs and felt at ease.

This application is a great filter that PMI has put to keep a certain level of prestige with this designation, and if you get through this step, I guess you will put the effort to get this designation too!!
Here is my time line:
June 23: Started the filling the application
June 25: Submitted the application and received acknoledgement from PMI with a expected response time of 5-7 business days.
June 27: Received an email from PMI

June 27: Made the payments of over USD 975 (application fee + membership fee). Awesome news - No Audit. Panel review has started. I will hold tight now and focus on studying SPM.

July 2: Waiting anxiously for a response

My blog with a summary of first two chapters of SPM is next. For the time I have spent reading nothing looks out of ordinary as far as the SPM content goes......

Till next time.....

Hemant Dhariyal

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  1. It always seems impossible until its done. "No Audit" is first step of success. I know you are always ready to accept the challenges. I am sure u will feel exhilaration of victory very soon.
    Good Luck.Do your best and believe in yourself.