Monday, 4 July 2016

My Raodmap - The Plan of Plans

Have a plan and create win-win situation:

At this time, I have completed the first 3 chapters from SPM (Standard of Program Management. I have decided to use only SPM as my primary and authoritative source of knowledge. I will be following a process that I have tried and tested before. I have also established the roadmap keeping in the mind moving components as well as summer vacations. I may have to shift my schedule by 3 weeks so I can have some time off with my daughter in Europe. I have always believed roadmap is great way of establishing milestones and meeting them in a timely fashion as that enhances the whole experience. It also provides focus as well as sense of personal achievement.

Before I present my roadmap, I must confess that I got a little sidetracked due to web surfing, trying to figure out best resources to prepare for the exam. Folks, there is a lot of information floating out there, especially everyone that has passed PgMP has somehow assumed the role of a mentor and presents a turnkey method of passing the exam. Most seems to be promoting some book, exam questions and what not. I had to stop myself from sidetracking and have decided to only use SPM (Standard of Program Management) as the guide. I have acquired some chapter wise questions that I plan on using and most importantly I will be trust my ability to ask question while reading SPM.
Who knows in the process of getting PgMP certified, I may end up creating the best exam reference source.

My goal out of this certification especially when I am taking time out of a my business is to make a perfect business case so that the investment of time and exploiting this opportunity leads to increasing my personal as well as professional capabilities along side adding another powerful stream to Education Edge, my school. The goal here is not to get one more designation, my goal is to learn and learn well so I can use my learning to create an easy and most economical PgMP roadmap as I have successfully done with PMP.
Take a look at my roadmap!!